How to resolve tough workplace conflicts?

Conflicts happened every time for all of the teams, it is not bad, But some kind of conflicts are deconstructive and can kill a team or an organization.

In these 9 years and while coaching almost 20 different teams, I have experimented with many practices to resolve conflicts, but I want to suggest an effective tool that worked for me in different situations.

Conflict Resolution Tool for Scrum masters and Agile Coaches

Coaching Canvas

“I have no idea what I’m doing?”

Have you experienced this feeling? As an Agile coach or Scrum master, you think that you are not valuable to your client/organization, and you don’t have a good feeling about your accomplishment.

This tool will transform your coaching stance.

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How to use it? A real example

Factful planning and estimating

Most of the teams are looking for a magical way to have an accurate plan for their sprints.

I would like to share my own experience with these teams and share the Factful Planning Framework, a tool that helps you to have better plannings and estimations.

How to use it? A real example

Estimating Board

Transform your estimating process.

How to use it? A real example