Agile Pathway​

Agile methods are solidly in the mainstream, but that popularity was not without its problems. Too many organizational leaders complain that they’re not getting the benefits they expected. Too many teams find themselves in circumstances detrimental to doing their best work.

The Agile Fluency Model describes an agile team’s pathway. You can use the model to chart a course for the team, create alignment with management, and secure organizational support for improvement.

Agile Fluency Project: The Agile Fluency Model

How to use the Agile Fluency model in the real world?

Asad Safari, as a licensed facilitator will help you to use this model. He has implemented this model in several companies to help them to reach the real agility, you can check one of these case studies here, Real Agile transformation case study, with Agile Fluency Model.

All models are wrong, but some are useful. It’s so important to use a useful model.

Real case-study of Agile Fluency model

The Process

This model describes how to enable your teams to produce the results you need and achieve the success they crave. The Agile Fluency model has three basic steps for agility (The Agile Fluency Improvement Cycle):

  • Discover opportunities
  • Diagnosing(Understand System)
  • Exploit opportunities

We can help you in all three stages, Frame opportunity (Where we want to go), Diagnosing the current state (Where are we now?) and exploit opportunities(Let’s go).

Don’t hesitate to call me 🙂