Factful Agility

We need to learn to separate fact from fiction when forming our opinions. The organization can be both bad and better. Progress comes bit by bit, But without facts, our minds are occupied by feelings.

Practical Factfulness for Agile Organizations

Progress comes bit by bit, But how do you want to understand progress? In this website, you can find practices and tools that will help you to create a real agile organization.


Asad Safari is an Agile/Lean Coach. He has more than 14 years experience in IT and software Industry and more than 8 years in Agile software development. He is helping companies and teams to make progress bit-by-bit on their agile journey.


Practical Agile Transformation framework -  Start with a vision

“You should not do Agile, You should be Agile”. This is the most used buzzword by agile coaches to promote agile values. After +10 years in the agile world, I think this is a wrong approach too.  Sometimes as an Agile coach, we are trying to sell our service, “We deliver agile coaching service to …

Real Agile transformation case study, with Agile Fluency Model

Omid is a WealthTech company based on A.I (artificial intelligence) that offers intelligent wealth management solutions to customers(B2B and B2C). When I was invited to join this company, they typically expected me to implement scrum, but based on my experience implementation of scrum should not be a goal. We need to answer this question, really why …